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Health care and exercise testing services for everyone from beginners to elite athletes.


Our experts help you add exercise to your everyday life in a healthy and safe way. A medical examination can be used to map your health and ensure a safe start to exercise. With an exercise test, you get information about your current fitness level and you can monitor the changes that occur after you increase your exercise.


As an active exerciser who trains purposefully, you will receive guidance and information about the development of your endurance fitness from us. With the endurance fitness test, you get information about different aspects of endurance performance and exact heart rate limits for training. With properly implemented training, you can make the most efficient use of the time you spend on training. In the health examination, your state of health is comprehensively investigated from the point of view of physical activity. Our sports medicine doctors have strong expertise in e.g. in the treatment of respiratory symptoms, overload and stress injuries.


As an athlete you can get comprehensive services for performance optimization and the prevention and treatment of problems related to competitive sports. Our doctors have a strong expertise in the treatment of athletes’ respiratory and overload symptoms and strain injuries. Clinical stress tests combined with multi-professional cooperation between different experts enable effective treatment planning during just one visit. Factors affecting endurance performance can be determined with the help of a direct maximal oxygen uptake test.

Sports clubs

We export research based information to sports associations, sports clubs, coaches and healthcare professionals. Our services include education tailored to targeted groups on the prevention of sports injuries and training that supports the athlete’s health.

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