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We cooperate with sports physiotherapists, sports nutrition experts and professionals specialized in athletes’ mental health.

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Physiotherapy | Nutrition | Mental health


The aim of physiotherapy is to restore normal functioning or performance after an injury or dysfunction. Different training methods can be used, such as own body weight, resistance bands, free weights or exercise equipment. Training methods are chosen according to the situation and are varied as needed. The choice of methods is always based on physiotherapeutic research. Physiotherapy can be implemented in cooperation with medical and testing services.

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Juha Koskela
p. +358 44 772 7040 Mon–Fri 8.30–16

Lähikuva fysioterapeutti Juha Koskelasta.

Juha Lassila
p. 044 772 7041 Mon–Fri 8.30–16

Lähikuva fysioterapeutti Juha Lassilasta.

Physiotherapy at Varala Sports Clinic

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Nutrition specialists provide up-to-date, research-based and reliable information about nutrition. At the reception, you can get individual and practical help with meals. Receptions are suitable for both goal-oriented athletes and exercisers.

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Appointment inquiries by email or phone directly from a specialist:

Titta Mehtänen
sports nutrition specialist
licensed nutritionist, master of health sciences
p. +358 400 832953

Lähikuva ravitsemusterapeutti Titta Mehtäsestä.

Anna Ojala
sports nutrition expert
master of food sciences
p. +358 40 7761286

Lähikuva ravitsemusasiantuntija Anna Ojalasta.

Mental health

Athletes’ mental health services are provided by psychotherapists and sports psychologists. The treatment is planned individually and confidentially.


Mia Puuska is a psychodynamic individual psychotherapist and a psychiatric nurse. Mia Puuska’s specialty is mental health care for athletes and those who have already finished their sports career.

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Lähikuva psykoterapeutti Mia Puuskasta.


UTHA is a clinic for the mental well-being and health of athletes, artists and those working in peak performance. UTHA’s professionals focus on enabling peak performance through individualized and flexible processes.

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